What to Wear When Gardening

It is spring!

Flowers, fruits, and gardens are finally growing back again in your front and backyard. How exciting it is to know you can revitalize your garden after the winter season.

Whether you have a handful of plants to take care of or only a few, gardening is better when you are wearing the right attire. Wearing the right attire helps you to work comfortably around your garden. If you want to be stylish, well, you can do while gardening!

Here are the things you can wear when gardening:

Comfortable Clothes

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Gardening requires more physical work, you have to dig, rototill, rake; it requires a whole body movement. You have to use comfortable clothes that do not bind to your body. It is comfortable to wear a loose-fit pants with a loose shirt, or a witless gardening overalls.

Broad weaves and natural fabrics are better than synthetic alternatives. Most lightweight gardening overalls are made from lightweight gardening clothes to breathe and wick moistures, which is the best option.

Moisture-Wicking Tops

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Do not wear cotton tops. It becomes heavy when you sweat a lot while gardening, and only harbors smelly odor. Instead, wear quick-drying and moisture-wicking tops. It is comfortable to wear even when sweating.

If you have a moisture-wicking long sleeves or rash guard, the better. The sun is up and you have to protect your skin from the damaging ultraviolet rays that may creep through your shirts. Moreover, it protects your skin from poison ivy, thorns, and bugs.

Do not wear denim and other heavy fabrics. Although it keeps external dampness and dirt away from your skin, air circulation is at its expense. You will sweat a lot.

After a long day hauling around your garden, have your gardening clothes washed at the laundry service. You certainly do not have enough time and energy to do another house chore, appoint a laundry pickup and delivery service like lioxclean.com offers. There is no need to visit or drop-off your clothes at the laundry shop.

Pants with Pockets

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It is very handy to have pants or trousers with pockets. Pockets ensure that you can place packets of fertilizers and gardening tools. Choose a trouser or pants that are for gardening. These types of pants are thick enough to protect your thighs from the sun and prickly thorns around your garden.

Not a fan of tops and pants? Nobody said you could not wear a dress while gardening. Long maxi dresses can protect your knees and legs while gardening. As long as you are protected, that is fine. Meanwhile, get a maxi dress with pockets. It is uncomfortable to work in a garden without your tools nearby.

Head Protection

Head protection is not only for protecting you from harmful UV rays. It also protects you from flying creatures and crawlers. A loose-fitting, soft straw hat with a large rbim helps you be comfortable while protecting your face and skin.

You can wear a gardening hat with a wide brim to protect your face and neck. Necks tend to get exposed when you bend over while gardening, exposing them to excessive sunlight. Ensure that the headgear is lightweight, the heat of your body escapes through your head, and heavy head protection may cause you to overheat.

Aside from headgears, you can also wear sunglasses. Working under the heat stresses your eyes. Wear polarized, UV-blocking sunglasses to ensure you can work comfortably.

Wear Garden Gloves and Arm Protectors

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Some gardeners prefer bare hands when patting soil around seedlings, gripping a tough weed, or feeling the furry leaves. This gives your hands a tough beating. Your hands will get blisters, scraped knuckles, dirty fingernails, and calloused palms. That’s why gloves and arm protectors are important, especially when you are dealing with brambles or thorny roses.

Protect your hands from thorns and splinters. A pair of gloves will have your hand covered. A cotton gardening gloves are versatile and cheap.  You can try the mud gloves cotton gloves they are durable, comfortable, and keep your hands dry throughout the gardening process. Mud gloves is dipped in colorful waterproof latex.

Knee Protectors

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Your knees deserve protection. Gardening is typically a knee-breaking exercise. It is best to retire from a long gardening day without an aching knee. This is possible with the use of knee pads.

Although knee protectors is sweaty, it protects your knees on any surface. You can pull out weeds without worrying about your knees.

Wear Waterproof Shoes or Boots

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Some gardeners prefer barefoot gardening. It makes them feel closer and immersed to their garden works. Although this depends on how serious you are in gardening, you have to protect your feet. Gardening is muddy and slippery. Wearing flip-flops does not guarantee any protection.

Keep boots by the door so you can easily slip on whenever you head out to your garden. A waterproof boot makes you contented that any mud, dirt, or wetness cannot ruin it. Gardeners use knee-high boots to keep their feet dry during wet spring weather.

Another favorite footwear by gardeners are the gardening clogs. Garden clogs are convenient, comfortable, and waterproof. You will find garden clogs great for gardening and maintaining your fashion statement.

Garden Belts and Accessories

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This might be the last thing you have considered in a gardening outfit, or maybe you did not expect this at all. Garden belts and accessories is important, especially when you prune.

It is best to complete your gardening outfit with a tool belt or apron to keep the tools closer. Belts and accessories is the most overlooked and useful wardrobe items.

Final Thoughts

There are several options on what to wear for gardening, and the list includes the best appropriate clothes you can wear when gardening. Although, you can wear whatever you want for gardening, as long as comfortable and protected. But, always start your garden day with freshly washed clothes from your reliable laundry service. Even when gardening is quite messy and muddy, you do not want to wear dirty clothes.