How Do You Use Fill Light In Flowers Photography

It is said that a perfect image cannot be captured without the right light setting. Depending on the ambient we create and the devices we use, we can either thrive and create perfect photographs, or we are going to struggle with heavy editing and mediocre images.

Every photographer, no matter if they are doing it as a hobby, or are professional, knows that one of the most important parts of the whole set is the light, and when you don’t have the right one, even the most expensive camera cannot help you out. We all know about key light, but have you ever thought about how to use fill light in photography? In this article, we are going to tell you how to use fill light in flowers photography, and how to capture the most beautiful images of your garden or backyard.

What is it?


The first thing we are going to talk about is the fill light photography definition, and we are going to help you understand more about the practice. As you probably know, the main source of light is the key light, and more often than not, we use large devices that are going to create all the light we need and clear the image. However, the problem with these devices is that they cast shadows, and sometimes we cannot control those shadows and we need to somehow salvage the photograph.

In those cases, we need to use the fill light, and we need to use it to navigate or get rid of the other shadows that are cast by the other devices. Keep in mind that this type of light is not that bright, and it is not made to be the main source of illumination. They, themselves don’t cast too harsh shadows, and they can easily blend with the whole setting.

The fill light photography setting is going to create a natural look for the images you are taking, and we all know how important this is when it comes to flowers. No matter if you want to show off your garden, or if you want to take images of the flowers that you offer in your shop, you need them to be shown in their natural beauty.

Fill light photography is used in many different fields, and you don’t have to focus only on flowers, but you can use it on other types of plants as well. Not all flowers are small and delicate, and in some cases, you will need to create a setting that is going to perfectly capture even plants that are large and cannot be ruined by any shadows.

How to use it?


Now that you know what is fill light in photography, let’s see how you can use it and what you can use as your main devices for these scenes. There are two main types of fill light photography that you can incorporate into your setting and they include reflectors and LEDs.

The former type is said to be the perfect one if you are using any specific materials, or if you have a secure plan when it comes to the size of the flower, as well as the distance between the equipment and the pieces you are capturing.

On the other hand, led fill light photography is used when you need to have a versatile option and when you want to capture even the smallest details without leaving room for error. This is the best option when it comes to capturing petals to perfection, and when you want to be able to show off the beauty of your garden or field.

Keep in mind that the source you choose is either going to help you create the perfect project, or it is going to stand in your way of capturing the best image you can and showing off your talent.  Because of that, you should choose the right devices, and COLBOR provides fill light to improve the photography quality.

When you use fill light photography, you need to have a plan on what you want to capture and what is your main idea. You should first try out how the flowers and plants are going to look using only the main lighting source, and you should see where the biggest shadows are. You need to find out what the imperfections are, and you should correct them with the second light source.


You should try out different effects, see if they get you the closest to your idea, and see if they portray the flowers in their natural glory. Keep in mind that when capturing your garden plants, you need to show off their colors and you need to create an image that does not show any potential problems. The flowers need to look as perfect as possible, no matter how big or small they are, and no matter how many different colors they have.

With this type of illumination, you can set up the mood and you can create the perfect atmosphere. Do you want your flowers to show romance, or do you want them to be mystical? How do you want your garden to be portrayed, as something that would draw in families, or do you want your field to be the best place for new couples? Answer these questions and based on that, pick the right type of illumination device and model.

How to choose the best light?


When it comes to choosing the best fill light for photography, you need to first decide which type you are going to go with. Experts suggest that it is better to opt for the LED models, especially if you want to capture your plants. They are going to create a natural light without making the flower look too bright, and they will show off the best angles without making the image too busy.

Test out different types of lights, see how they help you translate your idea into an image, and see which one is going to help you excel in your field. If needed, talk to other professionals, see what they are doing, and try to draw your own conclusions regarding what is the best when it comes to this type of device and illumination sources.

When choosing the type of light, you need for the photo session of your garden or farm, you should check out some fill light photography examples that are going to help you get inspiration. Keep in mind that you can easily get inspired and boost your creativity when you have an idea in mind and when you know that all that is possible. Look at any images of flowers, try to find out their imperfections, and use the lighting source to utilize the best angle and capture the perfect moment. No matter if you are taking pictures of your yard, of the product you sell in your store, or of the farm that you want to rent or sell, you should utilize fill light photography to help you with your project.