How to Cut Wood Slices with Chainsaw – Complete Guide

Now that you know how to measure a chainsaw and how tight should a chainsaw chain be, it’s time for some action! These brutish tools may be exploited to make decorative wood slices for less money than the store-bought alternatives.

Now it’s time to learn how to cut wood slices with chainsaw. Let’s start!

To start things off, ensure that you are wearing proper safety equipment. We recommend wearing work gloves, long clothing, steel-toed work boots, goggles, and a dust mask.

Never underestimate the power of wood chips and dust.

Next, select a log or limb for slicing. You will need to prop up one end of the wood to create room for your chainsaw blade as it exits a cut.

Use a small, sturdy block of wood. Consider placing a piece of rubber or fabric over the block to prevent the log from slipping. Alternatively, you can secure the log on a pair of saw horses.

Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the depth of your desired cut. Do this around the entire circumference of the log.

Cut Wood Slices with Chainsaw

When you are finished, connect your markings to create a solid, uninterrupted line. If the wood is dark, you may need to employ a bolder ink or tape to mark your cut line.

When you are satisfied with your prep work, you can pull out your chainsaw. Hold it a few inches above the log. Grip the saw tightly in your hand and lower it into the guideline. Apply a subtle amount of pressure, guiding the saw into the wood at a slow, steady pace.

Repeat this process until you have your desired amount of wood slices.

Tips and Tricks for Cutting Wood Slices

Ensure that you have a firm hold of your chainsaw at all times. Always grip your saw with two hands. Be prepared for kickback and snags. Remember, logs are precious commodities. If you do not take your time, you risk wasting a portion of a tree.

Finally, avoid knots at all costs. These blemishes may cause your chainsaw to lurch back, creating a potentially unsafe situation.

While some people prefer the look of wood knots, thee. All too often, this is not ideal for craft projects made from wooden discs.

Many people are surprised that they can make precision cuts with power tools. Don’t let your saw’s loud, angry nature deter you from crafting items out of wood.

You can easily make cuts without investing in expensive precision cutting tools (best 16 inch chainsaw).

What To Make With Your Wood Slices

Wooden discs make perfect table tops, cutting boards, and coasters. If you’re using a chainsaw to clean up your yard, why let all your hard work go to waste?

Salvage downed trees and limbs to create crafty interior decorations and accessories.

Be sure to properly dry your wood slices when you are finished cutting them. Use sandpaper and a firm brush to remove any loose bark or wood chips.

Then, place the wooden discs into an oven or kiln set on low. At 250 degrees or less, the wood will dry out and cure.

Use extreme caution, as excess heat can burn wood. If your wood discs are too large for your oven, set them outside to cure naturally.

How to Cut Wood Slices with Chainsaw - Complete Guide

Cutting Tips

Before we leave you to your cutting, check out the safety and performance tips below. Whether you are cutting wood slices or stumps, the following tips can help you master your results.

For starters, always keep both hands on the saw. We often see amateur cutters using their non-dominant hand to steady a piece of wood.

Always set up and steady your wood before turning on your chainsaw! You should always have two hands on your cutter and two feet on the ground!

On top of this, make sure you have the right size tool for the job. If you’re cutting large wood slices, you will need a chainsaw that is slightly larger than the diameter of the wood.

At the same time, you don’t want to be using a bulky tool to cut coaster-sized slices from a felled limb.