Indoor Vegetables from a Growbox

The growing health awareness of many consumers is currently leading to the emergence of a new trend, especially in cities: the planting of vegetables within your own four walls. This is made possible by the development of growboxes. These are practical if you live in a high-rise housing estate and the balcony is only so big that you can sit and have a barbecue more or less comfortably with two people on it.


Vegetables from the growbox have many advantages. Unlike growing vegetables in the garden or on the balcony, there is no dependence on daily weather conditions. And even the biggest limitation you have with vegetables – seasonality – is eliminated thanks to the box.

Because not only between April and October does the vegetable grow well in your own four walls thanks to the lamps in the grow box.

Indoor Vegetables from a Growbox

Unlike outdoor vegetables, the vegetables in the box are not negatively affected by the unfavourable European weather conditions. This means that the plants do not shrink under the grow lamps in the grow box. They develop excellently, which of course makes the investment worthwhile.

The optimal equipment for homegrowing

For the planting of vegetables in your own four walls, however, there is a lot to consider. First, you need the right room for the growbox and the lamps. You can’t just put this equipment in the hallway for homegrowing. Note that the box should be connected to a ventilation system.

This controls the temperature and also filters the smell of the plants. This ensures that even more severe smelling vegetables do not spread an unpleasant smell in the home. The use of fertilizers is also possible thanks to this device. There must also be space in the room for the grow lamps to be installed. These play an important role in the ripeness of the vegetables. Thanks to the grow lamps, it is also guaranteed that the plantations are sufficiently supplied with light even in the dark season.

Indoor Vegetables from a Growbox

This makes it possible to plant vegetables regardless of weather and season. The optimal equipment for homegrowing and the selection of the room should, therefore, be well planned. Since homegrowing is no longer a rarity, you can now find a large selection of so-called grow shops on the Internet. These offer a large selection of equipment. The box is available in different sizes. After all, families with several members and children have the need to provide themselves with fresh vegetables as well as singles.