Why California Almonds Are Thriving

California Almonds

Global warming caused by human activity has intensified California’s multiyear drought. According to a report in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, drying is projected to increase in the future, and as the earth’s surface temperature continues to rise, natural climate variability won’t be able to compensate for the drying effect of global warming. Essentially, even … Read more

Mastering the Language of Climate Change and Farming

Climate Change and Farming

A shared language is an important part of getting along and of understanding what’s happening around you. In this era, when comprehending what’s happening in your fields may help your neighbors understand what’s happening in their fields and vice versa, a shared language around agriculture as it relates to climate change may be essential. This … Read more

What You Missed at the 2016 Great Lakes Expo

Great Lakes Expo

In his labor session, “What the Election May Mean for Ag Employers,” Frank Gasperini, Jr. executive vice president of the National Council for Agricultural Employers (NCAE), gave growers in the standing-room only ballroom a glimpse of what life might be like under a Donald Trump administration. The session was part of The Great Lakes Expo/Fruit, … Read more

Winners Announced for the 2016 IA Awards

2016 IA Awards

Couldn’t make it to Irrigation Show this year? We’ve got you covered. Growing is on the ground, covering everything you need to know at the show. At the end of each day, we curate the top five moments from the busy day’s events — from announcements at press conferences to inspiring advice and interesting facts from educational sessions. Here are some of … Read more

Water Challenges: Adapting For Too Much or Not Enough

Water Challenges

On a mountainside in Downeast Maine, Gail VanWart and her husband turned their 150-year-old wild blueberry farm into a native pollinator sanctuary. The move, a creative attempt to save the blueberry crop, was a response to several years of intense springtime rainfall that was preventing imported honeybees from pollinating the plants. In Hammonton, New Jersey, … Read more