Getting to the Root of Replant Disease

Getting to the Root of Replant Disease

Spring planting is probably on your mind. Whether you’re waiting for new varieties to arrive, or old favorites that have regained their popularity, replanting the orchard is an ongoing task. – Root of Replant Disease It’s also cause for concern. Trees planted in the same soils where others have been removed often show signs of stunted … Read more

Building Tree Fruit Fertility: How and Why

Building Tree Fruit Fertility

The root of tree health is fertility, and fertility begins in the soil. Simply amending the soil or using a foliar spray each season isn’t the answer to orchard fertility; these are merely tools used to address concerns. – Building Tree Fruit Fertility “Nutrition needs to be something that we do every day, not just once … Read more

NMSU to Host Annual Fruit Growers’ Workshop in Santa Fe

New Mexico State University and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture will host the annual fruit growers’ workshop March 4 at the Santa Fe County Fair Building, 3229 Rodeo Road, in Santa Fe. “This workshop will be good for folks wanting to learn more about starting an orchard or renovating an existing one,” said Shengrui Yao, NMSU … Read more

Strawberries in the Northeast

Culinary options abound with beautiful berries. A local collaboration between Vanillen Dairy in Ovid, N.Y., Seneca Lake-based Eremita Winery and Seneca Breeze Berries resulted in a strawberry cheesecake wine ice cream that is available at Cayuga Lake Creamery, Interlaken, N.Y., while supplies last. When one thinks of eating fresh, locally grown strawberries in the Northeast, … Read more

Organic Apples in New York

Organic apple production has expanded in the U.S. since the turn of the century. The state of Washington, especially, has added organic apple acreage. According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service, about 90 percent of the nation’s organic apple acreage is in the Evergreen State. In the Northeast, organic apple growing is just at the … Read more