What Is The Difference Between Biodynamic And Organic

The utilization of the term ‘natural’ is directed by the legislation while the term ‘feasible and ‘biodynamic has no lawful definitions. Wine bottles have two kinds of pesticide-free postings. Naturally developed and confirmed grapes with no manufactured added substances can be utilized. These ‘natural wines are made without adding any sulfites and are produced using … Read more

A Guide to Muscadine Wine


To start things of, it should be said that Muscadine wines do not have the best of reputations. Why is this the case? They are one of America’s true native wine grapes. Alongside Scuppernongs, Muscadine grapes are great in an unique way, and desired for the incredible super fruit properties. Wines on the other hand, … Read more

Guide to Weeds in Grapes

Weeds in Grapes

Weed management Growers are wise to establish a weed management program to combat any grape growth concerns. Weeds can harbor insects, vertebrates, mites, nematodes, and, just as importantly, diseases, according to the Cooperative Extension Service at the University of California. The Extension advises growers to develop a weed management program before any new vines are … Read more

A Peek at Pistachios

A Peek at Pistachios

Tending pistachio groves in Arizona is about as different from raising corn and soybeans in Iowa as farming can be. When fifth–generation farmer Jim Graham began operating Cochise Groves in the high desert of southeastern Arizona, some of the new issues he encountered were water restrictions, bud-time frosts and a crop with the tendency to … Read more



While development continues to gobble up much of Arizona’s farmland, one segment of agriculture is expanding. Six commercial farming operations exist on American Indian land in the state, and a continual focus is on efficient use of the West’s most precious resource: water. Fort McDowell Farm is located east of the McDowell Mountains just outside … Read more