Investing in a Greenhouse in 2022

If you are looking to the various ways you can make money through investments, you are probably baffled by all the different choices you have available. Whether it’s stock investments, currency investments or even agriculture investment. However, a lot of people forget that you can go deeper into these options. In this case, we are … Read more

6 Things You Can Grow In Your Greenhouse During Winter – 2022 Guide

At the time of writing, it is February and the winter season is still kicking with snow outside and temperatures that drop below zero. Some people love the winter seasons while others not so much. I think that we can all agree that gardeners are especially not interested in the winter season. Why? Well, because … Read more

OHP, Inc. & Bayer ES Change Marketing Relationship

OHP, Inc. & Bayer ES

OHP, Inc. and Bayer Crop Science announced that they will terminate their long-standing, marketing agreement effective October 31, 2016. OHP, Inc. has been the exclusive marketer of Bayer products into the U.S. Ornamental Nursery and Greenhouse market for over 26 years. Read about: SPREAD THE WORD “Bayer and OHP have had a mutually rewarding relationship for … Read more

Greenhouse Watering: Finding the Balance

Greenhouse Watering

Water is the greenhouse grower’s “Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” Too little water stunts plant growth and yield; too much causes disease or fungus, which threatens a crop’s viability. But, just the right amount of water nurtures a healthy, vigorous crop. Delivering just the right amount of water is about precision. Typically growers … Read more