Greenhouse Crops for the Off-Season

Greenhouse Crops

In today’s world, every business must compete for customers’ attention. People are over-stimulated and easily distracted with cluttered advertising on their digital devices on television and in print. Business owners are forced to find unique methods for capturing and maintain a customer’s attention. Greenhouse Crops Read about:  Editors Note: The Importance of Cultivating Relationships Greenhouse growers typically … Read more

Choosing a Medium for Greenhouse Success

Choosing a medium for greenhouse success

Selection of a medium is among the earliest and most critical decisions to be made in the setup of any controlled environment agriculture system. This choice will influence and be affected by watering schedules, fertilization programs and growth rates, and, ultimately, has the potential to determine the relative success or failure of the crop. The … Read more

Weedy Green

Baby, it’s cold outside! Even St. Nick is shivering. He’s also probably stirring about getting ready for the big night in late December. Do you know who else is moving? It’s greenhouse growers who are thinking about a winter crop or another year of greenhouse-grown produce. They’re probably also planning how they will control weeds … Read more

The Path to the Least Resistance

Greenhouse growers are well aware of integrated pest management (IPM) and the importance of minimizing spray applications of chemicals that have the potential to lead to resistance. As part of this effort, many growers are adding biological control agents, or BCA, to their IPM programs. But incorporating BCA isn’t as simple as releasing ladybugs or … Read more