Crop Focus: Successful Squash – 2024 Guide

Growers looking for a crop to round out their roadside market offerings or sell to commercial buyers should look at summer and winter squash as possible revenue sources. The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center (AgMRC) reported that in 2013, the United States grew close to 6.3 million cwt of squash for markets around the country. Producers … Read more

Organic Broccoli – 2024 Growing Guide

Many progressive produce growers are jumping at the chance to grow different crops that will earn them more profit and help feed the world. North Carolina State University’s Mountain Research Station in Waynesville, N.C., hopes to offer growers more crops they can grow with confidence and, at the same time, improve their bottom line. Extension … Read more

A Wide-Open Field for Growers

Field for Growers

Chestnuts not just for holidays anymore. When Americans think of chestnuts, it is usually in connection with the Christmas song Nat King Cole made famous. However, chestnuts were not only eaten during holidays in the past, Castanea dentate (or American Chestnut) used to be an important staple in the American diet and a graceful tree … Read more



As high tunnels are used more and more by growers and the optimal growing techniques are developed and tested by scientists, it becomes easier for potential users to evaluate their place on the farm. Take a look at some experiences and research projects here in the South to determine if high tunnels are right for your operation.

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How the USDA’s GAP-GHP Program Affects Growers

USDA’s GAP-GHP Program

Though it took Kim Butz just under six months to assemble a harmonized U.S. Department of Agriculture GAP food safety plan for her employer, once finished, it cost Red Earth CSA of Kempton, Pennsylvania, more than $30,000 in facility improvement costs to achieve compliance. – USDA’s GAP-GHP Program The harmonized plan is the tougher of the … Read more