Can You Use Pepper As A Natural Pesticide?

For many generations in traditional gardening, natural pesticides like Pepper are used to make their grass healthy and safe from any insects. Many people are still following this, but some of the studies say that they are not very effective, but still, people are relying on it. Natural gardeners have known it for ages. However, … Read more

3 Pepper Insects to Watch Out For

Pepper Insects

Identifying pests is a key component in controlling them. Some common ones in peppers are the beet armyworm, European corn borer and pepper maggot. Pepper Insects 1. Beet armyworm The beet armyworm is a serious contender for major pests in pepper fields. This insect arrives late in the growing season and first attacks a pepper plant’s … Read more

Stake Your Tomato and Pepper Plants for Maximum Yields

Tomato and Pepper Plants

Peppers and tomatoes are major crops in many vegetable production areas, and growers are always seeking ways to maximize both yield and quality. One method of increasing both fruit quantity (number and size) and fruit quality is by the use of black plastic mulch in combination with trickle irrigation. Research has shown that, in addition … Read more