EPA Moves to Cancel the Insecticide Flubendiamide

Cancel the Insecticide Flubendiamide

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing a notice of intent to cancel all Bayer CropScience, LP and Nichino America, Inc., flubendiamide products that pose a risk to aquatic invertebrates that are important to the health of aquatic environments. Cancel the Insecticide Flubendiamide Read about: Soil Fertility and Your Farm Required studies showed flubendiamide breaks down … Read more

Soil Fertility and Your Farm

Soil Fertility

Bad soil can put a grind on your growing season. How can you tell whether your soil is bad? Learning about how to prevent current and future problems, the warning signs and how to fix those problems is key. Soil Fertility Read about: Be Careful When Spraying Whether you’re a farmer who is just starting out or … Read more

Managing for Soil Health

Soil Health

After four years of drought, California is finally starting to see an increase in precipitation. Despite the increase, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported in January that 100 percent of California’s soils remain “abnormally dry.” Since California farmers grow a vast majority of our nation’s produce, the ongoing drought is a significant concern. Yet at the … Read more

The Quest to Save Soil

No-tillage production helps in southern Illinois Since the first cooled railcars carried strawberries to the population market in Chicago, southern Illinois has produced fruits and vegetables for the major population centers that rival major producing states such as Florida and California when it comes to taste. Those same beautiful hills and valleys that attract tourists … Read more