What Are The Best Zero Turns Mowers Out There

Ah, mowing your lawn is a pretty dreadful task and you know it. It takes a lot of time and energy to do, and yet it is necessary. Mowers are designed to help you and make everything more simple – these are made to cut the grass without leaving any traces behind. But, even on the mower market, there are different ones, and it is not that easy to choose the best.

Unlike the regular riding mower, the now popular zero-turn mower offers a much wider variety of functions and is certainly more precise. Only to say, it is pricier than the regular mower but believes us investing in it especially if your lawn is big will pay off multiple times. There are numerous brands manufacturing the same, and there are a few factors you should consider in order to choose a good zero turn mower. Let’s take a look.

Zero Turns Mowers
image source: deere.com

What You Should Consider When Buying A Zero Turn Mower

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a zero turn mower. First and foremost, you should decide if you need one for home or commercial use – depending on that will range the price of the product as well as the multi-functionality. Along with that, decide on the cutting width that you need – most of the mowers come with sizes between 36 inches and 52 inches. Also, in comparison to the width, you will need to decide on the cutting height as well depending on how tall is the grass from 1.5 to 4 inches, and at least more than 4 settings that you can manually choose.

Along with that, important factors are the cutting speed it should be at around 6-8 mph, and the methods – a good mower should include more than few methods like collecting, discharging and mulching. Last, but not least, your lawn mower should be comfortable!

The Top 5 List:

  1. The Best For Your Money. We will be starting off this list with a mower that is the best for your money – with that being John Deere Z345R. This $2900 zero turn mower is heavy-duty designed with a powerful engine and easy to use controls. It has the capabilities of 42-inch width so even your big lawn will be done in a fast manner, especially as its speed is 7 mph. It has a 22 horsepower engine, and the manufacturer provides you with a 2-year guarantee. Along with that, this mower is easy to maintain, and once you sit in it, you will not have the need to get up. This being among the best zero turn mower products doesn’t cease to amaze, and the only visible con is that reverse is pretty slow. Anyways, an excellent choice for your all-around needs!
  2. The Professional One. The Ariens Ikon X 52 is the best zero turn mower if you have a medium lawn and want to use this mower for commercial services as well. It is simple to use, turn around and it has good height adjustable options (foot-operated deck). The 52-inch deck width is sustainable and with the V-twin 7000 engine, it is an excellent choice for anyone!
  3. The High-Tech One. The best zero turn mower that comes with the 3-blade option and a 4-inch deck is one excellently developed. It turns off as soon as you get off it, while still keeping the engine running. Coming with a PTO and hitch it is safe and easy to use. It has a 50-inch width capability and is an excellent choice for all the zero turn mower enthusiasts.
image source: sheppartonmowers.com.au
  1. The Fast & Furious One. The Husqvarna Z254 is a zero turn mower that is unbeaten when it comes to the speed with 9 mph and a 54-inch cutting deck. Along with that it is sustainable and can work even on the roughest terrains. It also has the Air Induction technology that improves the lift and leaves your grass with a beautiful and precise cut!
  2. The Small-Yard One. Last, but not least is the best zero turn mower you can buy if you have a smaller yard – the Troy-Bilt Mustang 46. It has an amazing 3-year guarantee and is sure to precisely cut the area around trees or your beautiful flower beds. Along with that, it has more than enough 24 hp engine and is pretty fast for a mower of this size!


These are just some of the available zero turn mowers but in our opinion the highest quality ones whatever your needs are. Yes, zero turn mower might not be the cheapest thing to invest in, but it will save you from stress and imperfections!