What is The Best Professional Chainsaw in 2024?

Basic chainsaws are good enough for your regular needs when it comes to trimming branches or cutting some small, soft wood. However, if you are a professional woodworker, forest worker, or lumberjack, a simple chainsaw with only the basic features will not serve you well. What you need in your line of work is a professional tool, meant for heavy-duty jobs every day. Professional chainsaws saw through all kinds of wood with ease and precision, and they are easy to handle and care for. Best of all, they are strong and durable and will last you for years. In this article, we will check some of the best professional chainsaws available in the year 2024. Read on to learn about them.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher – Best Overall Model

source: husqvarna.com

The Husqvarna brand is famous in the world of motorcycles, thanks to their amazing bikes. However, they also have a strong presence in the industry of power tools. Chainsaws are a major focus for the company, evident by their 455 Rancher model. This is a true powerhouse model, and thanks to the 55.5 cc motor, it has the maximum output of 3.49 horsepower. It will cut through even the hardest wood you have.

X-Torque technology allows less fuel consumption and minimum fumes released, and for more safety and comfort, there is a comfortable rubber handlebar. The chainsaw is low on vibrations, thanks to the LowVib feature. As one of the best pro models available, it works at the speed of 9000 rpm. Its bar length is 20 inches. The weight of this model is 12.8 lbs. Overall, this is the best model on our list.

Makita EA7901PRZ1 – Premium Choice

source: makitatools.com

Makita is another big name in the world of power tools. Their chainsaws are some of the most utilized fan favorites among professional models. This one is a 20”, 79 cc model, and as such, one of the most powerful options on the market. This beast motor gives it 5.7 horsepower, meaning no tree or piece of wood is a match for its power. The engine speed is an astonishing 12800 rpm.

Features like the automatic half-throttle lock and the fully electronic ignition make easy to start and use, while the advanced vibration dampening system makes sure your work is without shaking, even at the highest speeds. The housing is magnesium for ultimate durability, and the weight of 14.7 pounds without the chain a guide bar is great. As a pro with this tool, no job will be hard ever again.

Poulan Pro 967061501 – Best Value Option

source: homedepot.com

If you are all about the best value when buying whatever, this chainsaw is the right option for you. This model has a 20” guide bar and a 50 cc engine, enough to power through demanding conditions and hard wood with ease. It utilizes OxyPower engine technology, which gives it extra power with 20% less consumption of fuel, and as much as 70% fewer emissions.

The saw also has a user-friendly choke stop control for an easier start, and reduced risk of a flooded engine. The handle is comfortable and easy to carry and maneuver, while the overall weight is 17 lbs. A 2-year warranty comes with every purchase, and the chainsaw is easy to maintain and care for.

Remington RM4620 Outlaw

source: amazon.com

The RM4620 Outlaw model by the famous Remington brand is a gas powered chainsaw with solid performance and features. It runs on a 46 cc 2 cycle engine, which gives it the ability to handle even some extreme cutting jobs. The professional grade, chrome cylinder, and the die cast chassis ensure durability and strength while the sturdy side-access tension system keeps the chain tight during long cutting sessions.

The bar is standard 20”, and it is capable of mowing through thick trees easily. What is more, the saw has a 5-point ant vibration system, as well as a handle wrapped in a cushion. This ensures more control and comfort, for those daylong jobs with tons of cutting. We must add that the price and value ratio is great with this model, and at the same time, it offers durability and performance you would expect from a more premium model. The weight of this model is 16.6 lbs.

Echo CS-400

source: homedepot.com

This chainsaw by Echo is another affordable professional chainsaw, able to quickly rid you of branches and trees. This power tool is a great investment if you need a trusty sidekick for your regular cutting jobs. The engine inside it is a robust 40.2 cc 2-stroke, able to make easy work of most tasks you throw at it. With the weight of only 10.1 pounds, it is the lightest model on our list of the best pro chainsaws in 2024.

As such, it is very easy to carry around, store, and maneuver. However, it is smaller than the four models before it and has an 18-inch bar. Therefore, medium trees are their main area of expertise. The i-30 starting system is there for quick starts, while the handle on the top is easy to hold. The vibration reduction system will help with the fatigue, too. If you want a smaller model with good overall performance and features, this Echo one is the way to go.

Dolmar PS-6100

source: miskui.lt

We will finish things off with the PS-6100 chainsaw model by the Dolmar brand. It has an impressive 61 cc engine that gives you 4.6 horsepower, and which can actually work at 13800 rpm, making it the fastest on the list. The bar is 20” long, enough to tackle all kinds of trees. Regarding the fuel, this is an efficient model that consumes 20% less fuel than the competition and offers 30 minutes of continuous work per one full tank.

For durability purposes, it has a metal crankcase and handlebar, which make it last years under constant heavy usage. High-end standard features there too, including the tool-less air cleaner, the side mounted chain tensioner, and an anti-vibration system. The weight of this model is 13.2 pounds. With such an amount of speed, power, and comfort, this is one of the best professional chainsaw options you can go with in 2024.