How Familiar Are You with the Paw Paw Tree?

How Familiar Are You with the Paw Paw Tree?

Pawpaw, paw-paw, or paw paw tree is very easy to grow a plant that has a tasty fruit. These trees are the largest with edible fruit, native to the continent North America. They mostly grow in the eastern parts of the United States, and not near the coasts. All of the different spellings are accepted, … Read more

You Should Think about Planting a Mulberry Tree for These Seven Reasons

Mulberry Tree

The mulberry tree is often confused with a bush, as people think they are a bush plant. Actually, these trees can be enormous, and if they are left to grow wild and unchecked, some varieties are capable of growing 80 feet high and spread a wide canopy that will easily engulf an entire lawn in … Read more

Getting to the Root of Good Carrot Production

Producers who expect to sell mass quantities of carrots to stores for a profit can glean tips on how to help them grow the best carrots in their state. The largest producer of carrots in the United States is Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield, California. Processing carrots usually produce 12 to 14 tons per acre; a … Read more