Genetically engineered fruits and vegetables One thing is certain about genetically engineered foods: They stir emotional discourse. On one side, opponents fear insufficient testing and distrust the science and the companies. On the other side, supporters feel genetic engineering is a long-term solution to the problem of feeding the world. Surveys have shown that a … Read more

What’s behind the crunch


There’s tremendous growth in the apple market, and consumers have more choices than ever before. Those choices are the result of years of consumer research, cutting-edge laboratory work and grower trials. “Meeting consumer expectations is an important aspect of a variety development program,” said Dr. Kate Evans, associate professor and pome fruit breeder at Washington … Read more

A Passion For Apples

A Passion For Apples

“Our regret is that we had not started this business a whole lot earlier in life,” Dorie said. “We moved here from Florida, wanting to start a new business. It had to be outside and with our children. At BelleWood Acres, we are tied to the seasons and love what we do.” Their passion for … Read more