Codling Moth is Key Pest in Apple Production Regions of North America – 2023 Guide

Occasionally, consumers and producers alike come across the wormy apple. Codling moth (CM, Cydia pomonella) and Oriental fruit moth (OFM, Grapholita molesta) larvae may both be involved as they tunnel into fruit flesh, but only CM will feed on the apple’s core and seed. The larvae also differ anatomically; unlike OFM, CM has no anal … Read more

Critter Control: Pests in Blueberries – 2023 Guide

A healthy plant possibly means fewer insects Like most anywhere in the USA, fruits, and vegetables are grown in the Danville, Virginia, area, and occasionally, growers will inquire about growth problems to local Extension agent Stuart Sutphin. However, when it comes to blueberries, the silence is deafening. “I know people around here raise blueberries,” he said, … Read more

Prepare for Hot Weather and Spider Mites in 2023

Many new miticides for strawberries and vegetables Hot and dry are ideal conditions for spider mite outbreaks. Along the East Coast, growers reported spider mite infestations in beans, cucurbits, eggplant, tomatoes, sweet corn, and even potatoes. Mites are not true insects but are classed as a type of arachnid closely related to insects, spiders, ticks, … Read more

7 Destructive Garden Insect Pests – 2023 Guide

7 Destructive Garden Insect Pests

Is your garden looking rough or like it’s wilting? Chances are you’ve got an insect infestation happening that if not addressed will kill your plants. There are a variety of pests that damage your garden and plants, but effective DIY pesticides to treat these insects at To learn more about the appearance, feeding habits, … Read more