Managing for Soil Health

Soil Health

After four years of drought, California is finally starting to see an increase in precipitation. Despite the increase, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported in January that 100 percent of California’s soils remain “abnormally dry.” Since California farmers grow a vast majority of our nation’s produce, the ongoing drought is a significant concern. Yet at the … Read more

Weeds in Apple Orchards

Weeds in Apple Orchards

Most apple buyers visit farms and purchase the tasty fruit at the farms’ markets or even pull them straight off the trees. Yet, most people probably never consider that growers must keep orchards clear of weeds so the trees can bear those beautiful apple varieties. This article focuses on the weeds most prevalent in the … Read more

Thrips, Aphids and Spider Mites…Oh My!

Thrips, Aphids and Spider Mites

Greenhouse growers nationwide are well versed in thrips, aphids and spider mites. These three pests are the most persistent greenhouse pests across the country. Thrips, Aphids and Spider Mites “Mealybugs and scale, whiteflies and leafminers are also important,” said Frank A. Hale, Ph.D., professor of Horticultural Crops Entomology, Entomology and Plant Pathology at the University of … Read more

Harness the Strength of Your Fungicides

Strength of Your Fungicides

Fungicides differ from other pesticides. Most insecticides and some herbicides ‘knock down’ pests, but fungicides work best when applied before pests appear. Almost all fungicides are developed to protect healthy plants from a pest pathogen before infections occur. Most fungicides are classified as protectants. Strength of Your Fungicides Read about:  BelleWood Acres’ Holistic Approach to Apple Management … Read more

How to Prevent Vole Damage in Orchards

Vole Damage in Orchards

It isn’t just the insects that’ll get you. While orchard growers deal extensively with plum curculio, apple maggot fly and codling moth – just a few of the common insect pests responsible for crop losses – birds, large mammals and rodents can also do damage. Damage to fruit is a concern, but it is the … Read more