Food and Water: Reducing Waste on the Farm – 2022 Guide

Farmers grow food and feed the world. Inherent in that process, however, is also a lot of waste. Both food and water are wasted on the farm, as well as everywhere else along the food chain. Decreasing the loss of edible food crops and eliminating water wasted in agricultural production are primary concerns nationally, as … Read more

‘Alternative’ Cancer Diets

There is a lot of research out there suggesting the link between natural diets and cancer. The aim of this article is to bring you objective, easy to digest information around that topic. One in three people is predicted to develop cancer in their life, meaning that most of us will either experience cancer or … Read more

Few Superfoods You Should Include In Your Diet

Few Superfoods You Should Include In Your Diet

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be that hard and it all revolves around the three basic principles – a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and a positive mindset. As of the diet, it is important that you start cutting on refined sugar products, greasy foods contain trans fats, alc*hol and any processed foods that artificials and … Read more