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Prepare for Hot Weather and Spider Mites in 2021

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Many new miticides for strawberries and vegetables Hot and dry are ideal conditions for spider mite outbreaks. Along the East Coast, growers reported spider mite infestations …


Gardening Tips and Tricks for 2021

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When you spending your time at home, you want to use it the best way possible and gardening can be a great hobby. It can become …


Verticillium Wilt of Tomato is the Pest of the Month

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Despite the name Verticillium wilt tomato, the first symptoms of this pest on a tomato are the characteristic V-shaped lesions on the lower leaflets or leaves. …


Sweet Tomato Alabama: Aplin Farms

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Driving the back southeastern Alabama roads to check on remote fields, farmer John Aplin spotted a sign advertising Slocomb tomatoes. Curious about what he’d find, he …


Strategies for Fighting Tomato Weeds

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Weeds are not only a nuisance, but also can be a resting home for insects and diseases, which can wreak havoc on production crops such as …

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3 Tomato Insects to Watch Out For

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If insects were our friends, they’d still be our enemies – if they prey on our fresh tomatoes. To keep those tomatoes juicy and ripe on …


Stake Your Tomato and Pepper Plants for Maximum Yields

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Peppers and tomatoes are major crops in many vegetable production areas, and growers are always seeking ways to maximize both yield and quality. One method of …