Verticillium Wilt of Tomato is the Pest of the Month

Verticillium Wilt of Tomato

Despite the name Verticillium wilt tomato, the first symptoms of this pest on a tomato are the characteristic V-shaped lesions on the lower leaflets or leaves. Also, the yellowing in a fan-shaped pattern occurs down from the leaf margins. As these symptoms progress further, the leaf veins turn brown, while brown necrotic spots appear on … Read more

Choose Tomatoes that are the most Disease-Resistance

Disease resistant tomatoes

Disease resistant tomatoes are what everyone hopes for when planting tis delicious vegetable. Selecting the best tomato cultivars takes more than choosing the best shape, color, and size. The most complete disease resistance package should be considered for reducing losses to diseases, as well as best results when growing. Introducing Tolerant Cultivars In recent years, … Read more

Organic peanuts are on the rise

Organic peanuts

Southwestern peanut farmers have mastered the art of growing peanuts organically. Of the 11,940 acres certified for organic peanut production in 2005 (the most recent data set from USDA-ERS), 11,936 were located in New Mexico, Texas and Arizona. The remaining 4 acres were located in Georgia. New Mexico, with roughly 54 percent of the acreage, … Read more

A Passion For Apples

A Passion For Apples

“Our regret is that we had not started this business a whole lot earlier in life,” Dorie said. “We moved here from Florida, wanting to start a new business. It had to be outside and with our children. At BelleWood Acres, we are tied to the seasons and love what we do.” Their passion for … Read more