Choosing a Medium for Greenhouse Success

Choosing a medium for greenhouse success

Selection of a medium is among the earliest and most critical decisions to be made in the setup of any controlled environment agriculture system. This choice will influence and be affected by watering schedules, fertilization programs and growth rates, and, ultimately, has the potential to determine the relative success or failure of the crop. The … Read more

6 Products for Enabling Environmental Control

Enabling Environmental Control

We recently reviewed some indoor growing tools of the trade and how they help control your growing environment. Let’s dive deeper into the field of environmental control. – Enabling Environmental Control   1. Laser (infrared) thermometers   Incorporating a laser thermometer into your toolkit is recommended, as it will provide a multitude of data. It can … Read more

2017 International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture Recap

Controlled Environment Agriculture Recap

The International Congress on Controlled Environment Agriculture took place in Panama May 17-19 where many of the thought leaders and influencers met to discuss the theories and trends involved in indoor and greenhouse growing. Here are some highlights of the three-day event: – Controlled Environment Agriculture Recap   Closed Plant Production System: The plant factory   In … Read more