Insects and Apples – 2023 Guide

Each year, insects continue to challenge apple growers in western North Carolina. Marvin Owings, Extension director of the Henderson County Center, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, said county growers deal most with Lepidoptera type insects such as codling moths and oriental fruit moths as well as a different pest called plum curculio. Codling moth Jim … Read more

The Buzz on Bees 2023

Help native bees pollinate your crops As honeybee colonies continue to sicken and collapse, what can growers do to ensure crops are pollinated? Can other bee species take the place of honeybees? Who is this workers-in-waiting, and what can they do for crops? Other species of bees are not really β€œin waiting.” They have been … Read more

7 Pests That Can Ruin Your Garden 2023

It certainly won’t surprise the majority of gardeners that insects surpass people several million times and over. While some insects can help some plants, gardeners are all too familiar with the destruction of small crawly critics. These pests can destroy your precious plants in no time and render your efforts useless. The good news is … Read more

Use Floating Row Cover to Protect Your Leeks, Onions or Garlic Against Leek Moth

Use Floating Row Cover to Protect Your Leeks, Onions or Garlic Against Leek Moth

If you grow your own onions, leeks, and garlic, it is very likely that the Leek Moth causes you trouble and headache every year. All the time and effort you invest in your onion and leek seedlings, planting, and watering them seem to be for nothing when you start dealing with the Leek Moth larvae. … Read more